I didn’t know how to teach my own children the Bible, but not anymore thanks to Orange and the Youth Ministry.
— Orange Parent

Orange - What is it?  This one minute video can explain it better than I can! Here at WCC we want to help parents disciple their children.  

  • It's so easy
  • It's so free
  • It's so Biblical!  
  • It's so not burdensome. One of the best parts is you do this in your own time. 

Just email brandongrubbs@wccin.org and say "I wanna go Orange!"  He will email you back, explain a little bit, and what to do.  


During school semesters FCA meets at Eastern Hancock on Wed & Fri, and at Knightstown on Thursdays.


  • December 17th
  • 430pm - 7pm
  • Gift Exchange ($15 or less, guy or girl)
  • Archery tag, food, games, friends, ELF.

If you or someone you know would like to audition for our worship team please contact Brandon Grubbs

brandongrubbs@wccin.org     765-781-2585

HS Winter Retreat ~ $70 Register @ Mahoning Valley.  

HS Winter Retreat ~ $70 Register @ Mahoning Valley.