YOUTH NIGHTS AT WCC || 4:30-7pm || Sunday nights


Orange - What is it? This one minute video can explain it better than I can. Here at WCC we want to help parents disciple their children. 

  • It's so easy
  • It's so free
  • It's so Biblical!  
  • It's so not burdensome. One of the best parts is you do this in your own time. 

Just email and say "I wanna go Orange!"  He will email you back, explain a little bit, and what to do.  

I didn’t know how to teach my own children the Bible, but not anymore thanks to Orange and the Youth Ministry.
— Orange Parent



SKI TRIP || FEBRUARY 24 || 8am-10pm || $75


March 25 || Students will feel what Jesus felt as he went to Calvary. We will bus to local locations || 4:30-7pm

JUNIOR HIGHERS || April 6, 5:30pm to April 7, 5pm || $55 by Feb. 25, $65 by March 25, $95 by April 4