WCC Sunday Ministries

Ignite - birth through 5th Fusion - 6th through 12th Multiply - young adults Thrive - special needs Security Team - police officers Worship - vocal & instrumental Valet Parking

We will train the right person to help in these areas. Schedules vary with each of these ministries. To sign up, Click the “I’m Ready” button below.


Make and deliver a meal to WCC families who have been impacted with health issues, or death of a loved one. We also provide meals to new moms! This is an ‘as needed’ call list.

Guest Services & Seasonal Helpers

You can play a vital part greeting visitors as they come through our doors for special events and Sunday mornings. Answers questions, pass out bulletins, and orient guests. Distribute t-shirts, books, or bacon?

Rotation Schedule depends on how many volunteers are on the schedule.


Soundboards, Web, Computers, Phones, Speakers, Electronics

We will train you. Schedules vary.

Grounds, Building & Vehicle Maintenance

Individuals who can help with any of the following tasks: Weeding and distribute mulch, Mow the property, Snow removal in parking lots and sidewalks, Electricians, plumbers, welders, carpenters… And we have 3 full size vans consistently in use and need general maintenance. 

Outreach & Spiritual Growth

Joyful Saints, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Missions, Royal Family, Benevolence..

We are looking for those who enjoy working with a team and making an event happen from start to finish.

Hospitality & Funeral Committee

Host others during special events, prepare a side dish, set up, clean up, and serve dinners.
Join this team for a month or put your name on an as needed call list.

Call the office or click "I'm Ready" for questions or commitment.


Encourage those focused on growing the Body of Christ. Lead a small group or a Sunday School. We are always looking for new “fishers of men”.

Pastoral Care & Prayer Warriors

Serve the people of WCC by making hospital or home visits, encouraging those who find themselves in difficult life situations with a call or a thoughtful card. Be available and intentional in praying for others.  Help with the National Day of Prayer program or WCC’s 24 hours of prayer.

Do you crochet or sew? Donate a prayer or baby dedication blanket.


This is a new ministry. We Need YOU to Take action! 

Communion, Chairs & Coffee Prep

Prepare, serve, or clean up. Choose one of these monthly positions or add your name to an as needed sub list.

You're helping to Change Lives!


Hope Center Indy is located in Cumberland, and houses girls 18 and older who have been taken out of sex trafficking, making it the largest after-care program in the nation. They have some very creative opportunities for service! || Phone Number - 317-434-5040


Mahoning Valley is the primary Church Camp that we support here at WCC. There are always plenty of options for service down at Mahoning, whether it's serving a meal through the week to campers in the summer, or helping mow and trim the large area of land the camp sits on. Contact Josh Miller, the camp director, at 765-932-5125


The Kenneth Butler Soup Kitchen is an amazing service offered in downtown Greenfield. The kitchen is always looking for people to help serve meals throughout the day, and since their mission is to serve the sheep of Jesus, then it fits right in! || Phone Number - 317-462-9900


Love INC is a church-partnership-based organization located in Greenfield simply encouraging everyone to love God and to love their neighbor. By filling out information through Love INC, they are able to place you in specific situations that you may be able to best help someone. Whatever specialties or qualities you may have, Love INC would love to utilize them in the community. A great opportunity for a LifeGroup to be on call to help out! Phone Number - 317-468-6300

Wheeler Mission is an organization located in downtown Indy dedicated to helping feed the hungry, clothe the needy, and share the love of Christ. While there are options to help serve in our general area, this organization is doing wonderful things in the heart of downtown. Whether you offer to serve a meal with your group, or sign up to help with a special event, you'll be helping further the kingdom of God! || Phone Number - 317-635-3575

The House of Ruth is a drug addiction recovery house located in Connersville, that is fulfilling a lifelong dream of current director Sharon Cranfill. With a house full of women that she is attempting to help get back on track, there are always things that need to be done at the house! Volunteer your time today! || Phone Number - 765-825-3333