Here at WCC, we have FIVE different programs for all of our youth!

  • Kids Kingdom - Preschool
  • Ignite - Children's Ministry (K-5)
  • Amplify - Jr. High Ministry
  • Fusion - High School Ministry
  • Multiply - College-Age Ministry

All five areas have specific programming and/or classes on a Sunday morning. Children birth through 5th grade all check in at the KidZone and they have specific areas that they attend. 6th grade and older all sit in the Family Life Center for worship and the message, but they all three have classes starting at 9:45am.

Ignite, Amplify, and Fusion all meet on Sunday evenings at 4:30 during the school year.

On Sunday mornings here at WCC, we offer two different services. Each service is meant to be an expression of our appreciation to God through worship. We believe that you can worship HOWEVER you like. Whether you come dressed in a suit and tie, or athletic shorts and a tank top, we believe that God has placed you here for a specific reason. We welcome you exactly how you are!

Our First Service begins at 8:30, and is our more traditional service in terms of worship. Our Second Service begins at 10:45 and it involves more of a contemporary style of worship.

In between services, we do offer at least four Bible Exploration classes, or "Sunday School" classes at 9:45.

During service each week, we take communion as well as an offering. We believe that communion is for baptized believers, and you are free to take it how you like here at WCC. When the trays of crackers and juice are passed, feel free to take them immediately, or take them both from the trays and wait to take them, while praying over your communion. There will be trash baskets being passed through during the offering. 

Here at WCC, we believe that lives are changed through RELATIONSHIPS. We encourage all of our members to be involved in service opportunities (whether volunteering on Sunday morning in the nursery, or running our Livestream service), as well as joining a LifeGroup. LifeGroups are essential to growing in our spiritual walk with God because of the relationships you can build!

We offer a wide variety of groups that meet on different days and at different times, because we know how crazy and hectic life can be. If you have any interest in joining a LifeGroup, click on the button below.