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Friday 4.5.2019

  • 6pm - Check in at WCC and Meet our new Youth Minister Silas Crowell.

  • 630pm - WCC vans leave for CIY Believe in Anderson.

  • 7pm - Arrive at CIY.

  • 730pm - Session 1

  • 855pm - Session 2

  • 10pm - Back to WCC

  • 1030pm - Arrive at WCC for pizza and games.

  • 1159pm - lights out. Guys and Gals separated.

    Saturday 4.6.2019

  • 8am - Wake Up Call/Breakfast

  • 845am - Leave WCC for Anderson

  • 930am - Session 3

  • 1110am - Session 4

  • Noon - Lunch

  • 230p - Session 5

  • 4p - Back to WCC

  • 430p - Pick students up at WCC

Packing List

  • Bedding (pillow, blanket, and you may want to bring an air mattress if you have one)

  • Toiletries (towel, shampoo, toothbrush, ya know all the stuff you need in the bathroom)

  • Clothing (Check weather)

  • Money for Lunch on Saturday and souvenirs if you want them.

  • Phones are permitted.


A short note from Brandon.

This will be my 6th time at CIY Believe in Anderson. Every year I see Jesus move through the students in a powerful way. If you need to contact me, here is my cell phone 317-509-2139. For those that are new, here are some details you may want to know. We will come back to WCC to sleep and play games on Friday night. The guys and gals are separated, and several adults are around to monitor (along with a security and camera system).

I also want to give you a heads up when we return. The students will have just gone through an amazing event worshipping Jesus and being challenged more than they ever have. They will be filled spiritually filled, but completely drained physically, emotionally and socially. (Possibly grumpy) If at all possible, let them come home and do nothing but rest. Jesus did this after his big days.